Mixed media collage on paper

In this series of Collages, my methodology applies various collage techniques such as Decoupage and ideas of Affiches Laceres with mixed media. I compose my collages using studio scraps of paper, plaster, and canvas, cut or torn into smaller pieces. Recently, I have been using cut outs from publications, experimenting with ready at hand materials such as organic clippings from garden magazines. I feel this brings a sense of tension and a slight representational element against the other materials. The handwritten vellum cuttings are excerpts from my grandmother’s journal during her time at Houghton. I love that a piece of her is being represented through my work for this special Alumni exhibition. This Fall (2020), I graduate from the University of Chester with my MFA. I am currently translating these smaller collage pieces into large, oil painted works; treating the collages as a still life and playing with the notion of scale, challenging the viewer to question the relationship of the collage to the larger painting for my final MFA exhibition.

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