We Are All Houghton

Photographs of Projections, Projection

We Are All Houghton was created in response to the experiences of LGBTQ+ students at Houghton College and the college’s involvement in the Supreme Court cases regarding the interpretation of Title VII and Title IX.

Artists Amy Coon and Joshua Duttweiler collaborated using light projections of quotes by LGBTQ+ alumni around Houghton’s campus. The goal of the piece is to amplify the voices of students who have felt marginalized by Houghton's policies, professors, and administration by their lack of inclusivity and discrimination. The artists’ desire is to remind Houghton of the true meaning of “community” and to draw attention to the urgent need for Houghton to reassess their stance.

While this exhibition focuses on alumni voices, the artists desire to amplify current LGBTQ+ students’ voices through an anonymous online form. Quotes from this form will be incorporated into the show using the projector to display current students’ voices next to the prints of the alumni’s words. In addition, this anonymous data will be presented to the college at the culmination of this show to give Houghton College important information that they have neglected to ascertain.

If you would like to participate in this piece or learn more about the art, artists, participants, or the Supreme Court cases, visit WeAreAllHoughton.com.